Principal's Message

On behalf of the management of K.C Educational Society and also on my personal behalf as the Director-cum-Principal of K.C. Law College, I extend a hearty welcome to all the new entrants and prospective young aspirants to the profession of law.

Legal profession, in the main, constitutes lawyers and judges, who apply law and administer justice. In history, this profession was born only when human communities evolved into societies and prevention of crime and its punishment became the chief concern of the welfare state. Subsequently, however, the study of law and administration of justice have become the basis of a large number of human activities in the world that include the making and working of all our social, economic and political organizations and institutions. The importance of Legal Education as a means of ordering the society can, therefore, never be underestimated.

Traditionally, lawyers have formed an important link between litigants and the judiciary. In our times, however, particularly after the country became independent and adopted its Constitution, legal architects and law makers have made a noticeable contribution towards the implementation of many social and economic changes in the country. They have also, time and again, defended the rights and liberties of the citizens against the abuse and misuse of power by some ambitious and overzealous members of the executive. Much of the strength of Indian democracy today also lies in its vibrant legal system which from time to time has been responding properly to the needs of our society. It is perhaps this active and enlightened role of the legal profession in the complex process of social engineering that is today attracting young minds with sharp faculties and daring souls to venture into the field of legal education.

Besides being one of the noblest forms of human activity, the study and practice of law has career-wise too become one of the most useful and lucrative professions, especially in the modern times. Today, following the opening up of our economy and globalisation and spread of democracy in the country, the profession of law has been offering many new and multifarious openings to young law graduates. Gone are the days when litigation was the be-all and end-all of all legal education. Besides the vast majority of lawyers who are in private practice now, demand for law graduates is on the rise everyday in almost every field. With the advent of new technologies and rapid growth of trade and commerce, well known corporate houses are already recruiting talents from law schools on a regular basis as their legal advisors, providing them handsome salaries and perks. There is also no dearth of opportunities for law graduates in such capacities as academicians, consultants, social workers, counsellors, legal editors, political and business analysists etc, besides careers in politics, administration and the judiciary.

Having said so much about the merits and scope of legal education in today's world, I feel bound to tell our young entrants to K.C. Law College that a good law student needs to work hard and literally burn midnight oil in order to get mastery over his subject. The profession of law is no doubt exciting and adventurous; but there is no scope for complacency in it. Lawyering is an on-going and continuous process which keeps on changing almost everyday. One has therefore, to keep pace with the new developments if one wants to stay ahead of one's peers; this objective can be achieved by young lawyers only by constant study and hard labour. Further, a law student needs to have sufficient common sense with an alert and resilient mind. Ability to analyze things and interpret them logically are the essential requirements of a law student besides a good and working knowledge and command over English language. Further, by making the practitioner aware about the different nuances of legal system, legal education does also work as an aid to personality development as it develops in the learner a precise and rational approach to life and things .

Welcoming the new students to the college, I advise them to become studious scholars once they enter the portals of this institution. They should be regular and punctual to their classes and must visit the library on a daily basis. They should make conscious efforts to increase their knowledge during their stay in the college. They should take active interest in debates, symposia, moot-courts and other such curricular and co-curricular activities that college shall be organizing for them from time to time. Above all they should follow discipline and proper code of conduct in the college to make their studies truly meaningful and purposeful. Once again, I extend a hearty welcome to the prospective young aspirants to this institution of legal learning and wish them a grand success in their careers ahead.

Professor N.A.Ganai