Chairman's Message

K.C Law College offers both five years and three years degree in Law under one roof and has become one of the pioneer institutions in the discipline of legal education since its establishment. To begin with only five year course in Law was started in 2003-2004 but in response to the public demand, three year degree course in Law was also introduced in the year 2005-06. Though a period of eight years for a teaching institution is in fact a formative period yet it gives me immense pleasure to say that during this short span of time we have been able to achieve the object for which the college was conceived.

The study of Law continues to be an important field of human activity as much as it was in the past and there is an even greater need for strengthening its foundation when democracy is flourishing with every passing year and our economy is becoming increasingly globalized. Today the study of Law offers numerous career opportunities to our youth besides the judiciary and administration, for being well-versed in Law they can now serve the nation and the world at large in hitherto unknown capacities such as solicitors, consultants, counsellors, academicians, business and political analysts, social and political activists, executives in the MNCs and a lot more. It was with this perspective in mind that eight years ago we embarked on an ambitious journey to provide quality education in Law to the youth at K.C Law College. Ever since, the attaining of excellence has been our chief motto. Though we have attained some notable success, our quest for perfection continues even today.

During the last one year academic and infrastructural facilities in the college have been sufficiently augmented; with the completion of the college building there is now more space for students in the Computer lab, College Library, Lecture-halls, Seminar and Recreation rooms. For the conduct of moot-courts, debates and other extra-curricular activities, a multi-purpose auditorium with state-of-art facility shall be an added feature with the commencement of this academic session. The college has now a full-fledged and excellent faculty to maintain a close and personal interaction with the students in all academic and co-curricular activities of the college. I am greatly pleased with the degree of individual attention that the Principal of the college along with his staff has been paying to our students. Nevertheless, in this age of tough competition and globalisation, we cannot afford to be complacent. The concept of excellence is a never-ending process and we have constantly to assess ourselves as per the highest possible standards. Our ambition is to become not only the best institution imparting legal education in the State, but also one of the finest in the country. This entails a formidable challenge and responsibility and we are fully geared up for the task.

While welcoming this year's entrants to the new environment, may I emphasize that success never comes of its own. It has to be earned. And the only way to attain it is a determined aim and its steadfast pursuit. Ever since the inception of the college, our endeavour has been not only to provide the best infrastructure but also to keep on improving it. A well equipped Library and a well-qualified teaching faculty besides friendly academic environment awaits you and I assure you a smooth sailing during your stay at K.C Law College.

Raju Chowdhary
Chairman - K.C Educational Society